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Lift Foils

Lift Jet

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The Lift Jet is inspired by the union of mathematics, engineering, and a lifetime of experience on the ocean. Our team leverages Computational Fluid Dynamics to optimize performance and repeatedly puts our prototypes to the test in real world environments to ensure they exceed our standards, so you have the best experience possible on the water.  

The Lift Jet features a fully enclosed impeller for maximum safety and increased efficiency compared to our original shrouded propeller. The design keeps drag to a minimum for improved ride times and a more surf-like ride quality. The Lift Jet also provides smoother, less punchy acceleration, making it more responsive and ideal for beginning riders. 

The premium construction offers exceptional durability, and the Lift Jet is compatible with all Lift eFoil models. Plus, installation is intuitive, with all the installation hardware included. 

With unrivaled power and a sporty ride quality, the Lift Jet is made to help you chart new courses and get the most from every ride.  

NOTE: Lift Jet is not compatible with the Lift Connect System. Have the Lift Connect System? Check out our new LCS Jet

Lift Jet installation instructions can be found here.

Please note: This product includes just the Lift Jet, propulsion is sold separately.