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Lift Foils

Intro Surf Foil Bundle

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As the world of performance hydrofoiling has grown, so too has the barrier to entry. We recognize that the cost of purchasing the latest and greatest gear is significant. Thus, we aim to provide more people with the opportunity to enter the sport at a better price point without sacrificing gear quality. Additionally, this offer allows experienced riders to venture into the world of riding a full carbon Lift setup.

This complete setup is an easy-to-ride do-it-all foil.

The 28” Classic Series mast is constructed from 100% Toray M30J High Modulus Carbon Fiber, ensuring stiffness and responsiveness.

The 200 Surf V2 wing offers incredibly smooth turning and provides enough pumping capability to link together waves seamlessly. This 200 Surf V2 excels as an easy-to-use option for wake, surf, and wing foiling.

Choose between the 38 and 48 Surf tails; both offer excellent stability for riders of all levels. We recommend the 48 for beginners for its superior stability, and the 38 for riders seeking a more maneuverable tail wing.

This setup is fully modular across the Lift range of products, making it an ideal way to immerse yourself into the Lift ecosystem of products.