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Lift Foils

6L Dry Bag

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Keep valuables close, secure, and bone dry while you explore the waters around you with our 6L Dry Bag. This waterproof bag is crafted from TPU laminated nylon and RF-welded seams, making it durable, flexible, compressible, and lightweight. The easy-to-close roll-top construction with a magnetic enclosure and high-quality buckle ensures a watertight seal, keeping your stored gear dry. 

Our 6-liter dry bag provides plenty of space for your cell phone, keys, snacks, and other essentials while remaining compact enough to carry. The included strap allows you to secure it to Blowfish, making it the perfect accessory for any Lift eFoil adventure. 


  • Waterproof when properly rolled and buckled. We do not recommend submersion 

  • Detachable strap included